• Style Guide: How To Look Smashing At A Rock Concert

    Date: 2015.02.17 | Category: Latest News | Tags:

    53332244Concerts can be a highlight of one’s life. Watching your beloved band in action, and hearing them sing your favorite songs live can easily be the best experience ever. Artists create art and you pay to see them work their magic. The best way to go to their performance is to honor their craft by presenting yourself well and looking at your best.

    Each type of concert is different. What would work for a pop concert does not necessarily work for a techno one. It’s important to dress appropriately, depending on the genre. In this article, the focus is on rock concerts and the style tips that can make you say you are, indeed, ready to rock.

    For your top, wear something comfortable, yet something that screams style such as shimmery and metallic blouses. Crop tops are the buzz today and pairing them with high-waist leather cigarette pants can create an impactful look. It’s recommended to opt for a palette of black, smoky grays, silver and gold, or bold colors.

    It’s important to avoid layering regardless of the venue. The venue would be jam-packed and temperatures would definitely rise. Choosing comfort is still the way to go.

    Another important thing is footwear. You’ll be standing for hours and stilettos and heels are the last thing you’ll need. Wear comfy and studded flats for practicality and an added dose of attitude. Your feet would be thankful afterwards.

    Keep accessories to a minimum. Metallic cuffs and rings would usually do. Wear a water-proof makeup because a lot of sweating is guaranteed. Keeping it subtle would not overdo your whole look also.

    In a sea full of people, it’s very irritating when the person in front of you would flip her hair in your face. This is why keeping your locks in check is essential. Tie them or keep them in bun. Be courteous to the people around you by pulling your hair back.

    So you are now rock-concert ready. But, ultimately, there’s one thing you would have to need—your rock concert tickets! What better way to test your concert style knowledge than by attending the concert of Grammy-awarded band Imagine Dragons. For additional info on tour dates and schedule, see: http://www.musotickets.com/imagine-dragons-concert-tickets-tour-dates/