• Dressed-Up Dogs

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    483626459957Fashion is not limited to humans’ dresses only, you can also play the ‘dress up game‘ with your furry friends– your dogs. Here are tips on dressing up according to different dog breeds.

    Measure your dog from neck to base of tail.  Like on real tailored clothes, you also need to get the measurement of your dog. Dogs have different measurements, too. You need to get it so their clothes will fit perfectly and they’ll look absolutely fab.

    Bathe your dogs before and after putting clothes on them. Make sure your dog is clean as a precautionary measure for both your dog, yourself and your family’s safety. It’s ideal to vacuum any remaining fur on clothes as normal washing may not remove it.( Click here for best vacuum cleaner for your pet’s hair under $100)

    Poodles need a perfect fit

    Put poodles in good-tailored outfits. All those thick curly hair tends to make the poor dear look heavier than she is, which will be worsen by both too loose or too tight clothing.

    Elongate your dachshund’s legs

    Always put dachshund, or any short-legged pooch, in outfits with pants. Bottomless will only accentuate their stubby little legs.

    Labs need the right color

    Labradors are slim and tall, so they can go with just about anything. But beware of unflattering colors! Dark-furred labs look great in grey, emerald green and royal blue. While light-furred labs are best in olive, orange, camel, and dark brown.

    Accentuate your bulldog’s head

    Bulldogs have huge heads and many wrinkles. Why not be bold and be proud of them? Turtlenecks and hoodies are good choices.

    Work with problem hair

    Shih tzus and Pekingese have a body hair problem. One thing that can easily deflect attention from it is by accessorizing it with colorful ribbons or fancy bejeweled collars.

    Couture Chihuahuas well

    Chihuahuas have very fine bony structure. Not only they can carry off regal fabrics like satin and velvet—they’re elevated by them!

    No horizontal stripes for boxers

    Never put a boxer in a shirt with horizontal stripes; they’ll just emphasize his stocky torso. Stick with vertical stripes or plain colors.

    Avoid too-tight clothes

    No matter how you fit your dog, never put him in a restrictive clothing; it could hinder him to breathe.